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5 Things to Consider when Shopping for a Highchair

Are you in the market for a new highchair, but unsure what to look for? Shopping in general can be overwhelming. It’s time consuming, expensive, and there are just too many factors to consider before making your final decision. When purchasing a highchair for your baby, here are 5 things to keep in mind:

- Safety: Your baby’s safety is a top priority! Look for a model with safety features such as a sturdy and stable base, included safety belt. We recommend the best-selling and budget-friendly £19 IKEA Antilop Highchair with tray. It has all the safety features you want, without breaking the bank.

- Back Support and Footrest Support: While we love the IKEA ANTILOP highchair it’s missing some key features to support your baby’s back and feet. Feeding specialists recommend a 90-90-90 position throughout meals to facilitate safe and efficient feeding for your baby. This means your baby’s hips, knees, and feet are supported to create 90-degree angles. We offer adjustable solid wood footrest and inflatable cushion insert with cushion cover that fit perfectly with the IKEA ANTILOP highchair to provide this optimal position for your baby.

- Comfort: Your baby should feel comfortable and well supported throughout the meal. Adequate comfort can help reduce adverse behaviours during meal time including throwing food and plates or squirming around in their chair. When your baby is comfortable, they are more likely to attend to their meal. This allows them to focus on the process of chewing and swallowing and overall encourages safe feeding, without the additional distractions.

- Size and adjustability: Highchairs come in all shapes and sizes. Ensure your chair and its attachments are easily adjustable to accommodate your baby as they grow; believe me, it happens faster than you think! It’s important to maintain the 90-90-90 position to support your baby’s development. Our inflatable cushion insert and solid wood footrest can easily be adjusted as your baby grows. Check our video tutorial page for some hacks on how to modify the inflatable cushion and adjust the footrests for your toddler!

- Ease of Cleaning: It’s no surprise that your baby’s highchair will get messy. We design products that make post-meal cleaning a lot easier, like wipe clean cushions, silicone placemats and messy mats. The less time you spend worrying about cleaning, the more time you can spend with your baby!

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