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Dots on Taupe - Messy Mat


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Large messy mats are great for many different daily solutions including under your high chair to protect your floor, as a play mat, table cloth, for arts and crafts or picnics. Great way to protect your floors, tables and carpet from constant cleaning.

- Comes both in regular and non slip backing
- Fully waterproof 100% Oeko-Tex tested material
- Wipe clean and washing machine safe
- 125x125cm


- 100% Oeko-Tex tested Polyester material
- Fully waterproof and super soft

Care instructions

- Wipe clean, machine wash, hose them down or rinse in the shower
- For tougher stains use cleaner spray or leave in the sun
- Avoid using bleach unless it is mixed with soapy water
- Do not iron or tumble dry
- If used during arts and crafts, it will be easier if you can wipe before it dries to avoid scraping later

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Why to choose messy mats?

● Non-slip base ●

Our placemats are not only wipe clean but can also come with non-slip base which makes them safe to use under your highchair.

● Protect different surfaces ●

Wipe clean messy mats are great for protecting your floors, tables and carpet from constant cleaning after messy meals, arts and crafts and other messy activities.

● Easy to clean ●

We use waterproof and wipe clean materials to make sure cleaning doesn’t take a lot of your time. You can simply wipe clean, machine wash, hose them down or rinse in the shower. Also, you can use cleaning spray for tougher stains or leave in the sun.