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Personalised - IKEA Antilop Highchair Footrest

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Our adjustable footrests provide solid feet support and proper eating posture while your baby is using IKEA highchair. It also provides a comfortable and rested position which helps with concentration on food and digestion.

- Handmade from solid wood
- Height is easy adjustable
- Quick and easy to install, no tools needed

Please note due to natural materials each footrest has a unique texture and colour can slightly vary.

What is included

- Footrest and 4 o-rings included in a set

O-Rings Safety Warning: Please keep unused o-rings out of reach of children. The small rings are not a toy and could be a choking hazard.


Please check our installation video

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Why footrests are so important?

● Correct Positioning ●

Footrest helps with a proper eating posture which is when knees, hips and ankles are all at 90 degree angles with a solid feet support. Without a footrest, baby’s feet are dangling and they are more likely to move around trying to find comfortable position which causes all sort of distractions.

 ● Comfort is the key ●

Adequate comfort throughout the meal can help reduce adverse behaviours including throwing food and plates. When your baby is comfortable, they are more likely to attend to their meal. This allows them to focus on the process of chewing and swallowing and overall encourages safe feeding, without the additional distractions.

 ● Grows with your baby ●

Easily adjustable to accommodate your baby as they grow. Believe me, it happens faster than you think! It’s important to maintain the 90-90-90 position to support your baby’s development.