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Wipe-clean Multi-use Baby Cushion


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Game-changing Multi-use Baby Cushion that adapts effortlessly to highchairs, shopping trolleys, swings, and more, providing superior comfort and support for your little one. It can be easily inflated and deflated, allowing you to adjust it as your baby grows. It provides essential support, ensuring a steady seating position that helps your little one achieve the ideal 90-90-90 positioning. This not only enhances concentration but also promotes healthy food digestion. 

Wipe-clean design makes mealtimes enjoyable and cleanup a breeze, letting you cherish precious moments with your child. Check our collection for a cozy and mess-free
dining solution!

-Comes with inflatable cushion inner
and wipe-clean cushion cover

-Cushion cover comes with zipper closure that makes it easy to put on and take off inflatable cushion

-Super soft cushion cover that is made from fully waterproof 100% Oeko-Tex tested Polyester material that is easy to wipe clean or machine wash

-BPA free cushion inner

Care instructions

- Wipe clean or machine wash at 30 degrees
- Do not tumble dry or iron
- Avoid using bleach unless small amount is mixed with soapy water

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Why to choose cushions?

● Correct Positioning ●

Good trunk support allows for proper breathing and better fine-motor hand-to-mouth coordination for eating. When children have poor trunk support, they have to work harder, making mealtimes more exhausting.

● Grows with your baby ●

Cushion insert allows your baby to receive the back support they need to sit closer to the tray and achieve the ideal 90-90-90 positioning. It can also be deflated to continue to provide support as your child grows.

● Multiple use ●

Our cushions can be used not only with IKEA Antilop highchair but also similar highchairs, shopping trolleys, swings and during other activities where seating support is required.